Enabling Efficiency in Oilfield Supply Chain

Our client is an oilfield supply and transportation company serving the Permian Basin in Texas. The Permian Basin is one of the most prolific oil and natural gas basins in the United States. To service these drilling sites requires coordinated strategic alignments between multiple business units.

The oilfield is time sensitive and highly dependent on timely delivery and process efficiency. A single business unit making a late delivery may set back an entire drilling site, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational costs and suspended production. We explored ways to enable efficiency from the office, to the road, and on-site.

Key Insight

Closing Compliance Gaps In Oilfield Services

A critical objective of the oilfield supply company was to focus on capital loss prevention through execution and performance of cross functional teams. A large part of this involved closing the compliance gap, the biggest precursor to capital loss.

Strategy & Approach

Designing a Digital Workspace for the Oilfield

Invested Media worked closely with the oil company’s staff to design a plan for administrative management. We developed a series of mobile, scalable intranet applications to manage documents, and compliance procedures for drivers, contractors, and vendors.

Application capabilities needed:

  • Department-specific access
  • Customize operational workflows
  • Share and update resources
  • Universal directory
  • Single sign-on integrations

Key Insight

Connecting Internal & External Workflows

A critical objective of the oilfield supply company was to improve internal and external process flow. Vendors play a prominent role in the efficiency of oilfield supply, and some require a specific set of compliance. We needed to create a way for jobs to run smoothly between internal and external vendors, and we did this by creating a separate interface for them.


Enterprise-grade Process and Compliance Tracking

Using Microsoft systems, we customized applications to meet client objectives, integrated and trained client team on application use. We were able to close gaps in implementation and compliance shortfalls by codifying the processes that enable communication, and collaboration.

Objectives met through application:

  • Increase collaboration
  • Compliance touchpoints
  • Capital loss prevention
  • Competitive execution performance
  • Lifecycle management

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