Building A New Publication For An Established Academic Institution

Our client, a well-known academic institution, approached us to help them build a digital publication. They want to expand their reach and attract a younger audience who primarily consumes content online. The client already has a strong brand and a loyal following, and wants to implement a transition into the digital publishing space.

Key Insight

Content Curation & Publishing

The client is looking for a platform that will enable them to curate digital content with a gradual transition into original published works. We explored ways to bring these different formats of information together under one publishing platform that can be scaled as the brand grows.

Strategy & Approach

Bringing Multiple Requirements Together

The main objective is to create a digital publication that is easy to navigate and provides an engaging user experience. The publication needs to be accessible across multiple devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. We want to ensure that the design is engaging, visually appealing, and shareable on social media platforms.

We start with a comprehensive analysis of the client's brand and target audience. We identify the demographics of the audience and their digital behavior, which informs our interface and engagement strategy. The design plan includes the curation and publishing of articles, videos, and books as well as the hosting of events and workshops.

Core capabilities come into focus:

We built Fairer Disputations on a content management system (CMS) that provided us with the flexibility to create and publish content quickly and we optimize the website for search engines to ensure that the content is easily discoverable. Dividing curated content into categories and published content into tags enables discoverability on wordpress' native archive pages.

  • Engaging and visually appealing across devices
  • Easy to navigate
  • The ability to curate and share mixed media
  • The ability to easily reiterate design as necessary

Key Insight

Increasing Brand Loyalty With User-Generated Content

A key point that contributes to the success of the Fairer Disputations digital publication is the incorporation of user-generated content. Fairer Disputations encourages readers to submit their own content, such as photos and stories, which is then curated on the website. This not only provides a sense of community and engagement for the readers but also helps to diversify content on the website. By including user-generated content, we are able to create a more interactive and personalized experience for the audience, ultimately increasing brand loyalty.

About The Wollstonecraft Project


An Agile Approach In News Publishing

Fairer Disputations was launched successfully and received positive feedback from the client and their audience. The website saw a significant increase in traffic following its launch, with a majority of visitors being from the target demographic. The publication also gained a strong social media presence.

The client was able to expand their reach while maintaining their existing readership in academic publishing. The Fairer Disputations website is a key part of the client's overall content strategy and helps them remain competitive in the digital age.

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