Bringing Important Data Points To Light

In recent years, there has been an increased demand for in-depth, high quality investigative research services for news publications and other professional organizations.

The Public Insight brings together highly specialized teams to provide news organizations with the additional resources needed to uncover and report on important stories. Its founding was driven by the need to coordinate the various efforts of: research intelligence gathering, analysis, and dissemination of information into accurate and timely assessments.

Key Insight

Comprehensive Research Investigations

The Public Insight was built on the premise that organizations need access to specialized skills and tools to produce comprehensive investigations, from discovery, to initial research and final reporting. The reliability and accuracy of data is a crucial part of the research process, as well as the verification and validation techniques employed to ensure the authenticity of data collected.

Strategy & Approach

Tapping Into The Flow Of Analysis In An Ever-Changing World

The Public Insight provides busy newsrooms and organizations with the tools and resources needed to conduct in-depth investigations, including access to specialized databases, analysis tools, cyber teams, and subject matter experts.

We take an approach that includes several key elements:

Core capabilities come into focus:

  • The development of human intelligence sources
  • Advanced technology to support intelligence gathering
  • Conduct extensive research to identify potential investigative leads, sources, and data
  • To gather, analyze and disseminate intelligence information to support objectives
  • The development of databases as analysis tools to extract insights from large data sets
  • Subject matter expertise in a range of fields spanning law, science, finance, defense, and politics, who can provide specialized knowledge and insights into complex topics

Key Insight

The Importance Of Human Intelligence In Technology

Critical thinking is essential for research methodology, especially in the collection of data, where it is necessary to question assumptions, evaluate evidence, draw logical inputs from information available, and update inputs as new information is learned. Human intelligence is an essential part of informed decision-making, when it is essential to navigate uncertainty and complexity inherent in research.


Real-World Implementation

The Public Insight plays a critical role in research endeavors for busy newsrooms and other professional organizations. We probe imperative chains of evidence that are integral to event reporting. Overall, the service has become a valuable source for organizations looking to produce high-quality investigative work.

The Public Insight has been involved in a number of high profile news cases spanning on topics from child sexual abuse, economic policy making, to domestic security.

To achieve its goals, the firm works closely with civil society organizations, media outlets, and other stakeholders, building partnerships and coalitions that could help amplify collective messages and influence .

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