A Tool For Swarming Disruptions In Systems

MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the best business schools in the world, and where Dr. Steve Spear teaches. See To Solve was born for process mapping and alert signaling for systems and service chains where efficiency in performance is key.

Key Insight

Dr. Steve Spear, Senior Lecturer, MIT

Dr. Steve Spear is an important part of See To Solve's lore. As a senior lecturer at MIT's Sloan School of Management, Spear teaches in graduate and executive education programs. As a researcher and author he won prices for excellence in manufacturing, and his publication, "Decoding the DNA of the Totyota Product System", has been credited with shaping understanding of how organizations can acheive and sustain high performance.

Strategy & Approach

Bringing See To Solves Products To The Front

See To Solve has a secondary product which they basically gave away as an introduction to collaboration. We found that nearly every organization that used See To Solve's primary alert product, first adopted their visual process mapping tool, which had little to no mention on their previous website. For the new website, we looked for ways to pull out both product offers and benefits.

Core capabilities come into focus:

  • Collaborative visual process mapping as a blueprint to reach objectives
  • An alert system that enables teams to swarm a problem before it spreads
  • Teach companies how to create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Showing the steps See To Solve enables like problem reporting, rerouting, and insights

Key Insight

The Andon Cord

Toyota implemented the Andon Cord as a physical rope that followed the assembly line. Any front line worker could pull the rope when an issue was spotted, which would stop the assembly line. The idea is to swarm problems as they arise, and as a tool, the andon cord would instill autonomic behavior patters in addressing manufacturing issues. This is a concept that enables Toyota to maintain high customer satisfaction.


See To Solve Alert: The Portable Andon Cord

We wanted See To Solves potential customers to see their product as a portable andon cord, as described by Dr. Steve Spear. We positioned Alert as a mobile-first reporting system for smart workspaces, that empowers front-line staff with mobile-first problem reporting to deliver faster problem resolution. In the spirit of the Toyota production system, Alert enables organizations to see where attention and response is needed before problems erupt into big productivity issues.

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