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Paydove specializes in blockchain-based payments software systems for the banking industry. Paydove’s flagship product is a blockchain-based check payments system that enables swift and secure payment exchanges. Paydove wants to expand their customer-base by targeting key decision-makers in the banking industry.

Key Insight

Transparency & Efficiency

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the traditional check processing industry by offering enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency. Blockchain digital checks can provide a secure and immutable record of transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and improving the overall trust and confidence in the check processing process.

Strategy & Approach

Aligning Marketing Goals With Business Objectives

We begin by identifying clear campaign objectives, which center around generating leads and driving conversions that align with marketing and business goals. We segment the audience based on relevant criteria to create customized and targeted email messages.

We take an approach that includes several key items:

Core capabilities come into focus:

  • Leveraging Zoominfo to build comprehensive data sheets that can be filtered for specific needs
  • Personalized and relevant outreach approach with tailored emails that highlight the value proposition Paydove offers
  • Build sales content and materials for outreach directed towards chief officers and senior-level directors
  • Conduct A/B split testing of different elements from subject lines, content, calls to action, and send times.
  • Advance key prospects directly to Paydove’s Chief Officers
  • Bridge a follow-up process that addresses specific needs and concerns towards sales pipelines

Key Insight

Reducing Time & Costs

The use of blockchain in digital checks can streamline the reconciliation and settlement processes, reducing the time and cost associated with traditional check processing methods. This key insight highlights the transformative potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing the way checks are processed, offering significant benefits for the banking industry and other sectors that rely on check payments.


Building Personalized Interactions With The C-Suite

The campaign to build personalized outreach resulted in the following outcomes: analytics that scored above the industry average for engagement, increased responses, and interactions, and the opportunity to forge partnerships with key players in the banking industry which may generate new business opportunities. By leveraging Zoominfo software for building outreach activities we were able to effectively implement personalized and relevant approaches to reach banking leaders.

The work we did with Paydove’s VP of sales is confidential, but you can learn more about Paydove on their website.

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