Taking A Generational Leap in the Custodial Space

Our client is a custodial trust company in California handling a wide range of non-exchange traded investments such as real estate and private equity. Custodial companies manage a lot of complexity in administering self-directed accounts, which rely heavily on paper processes.

The company has clear objectives: to reduce complexity while delivering a user-friendly digital interface with 24/7 account access for customers.

Key Insight

Process & Technology Integration

The custodial process still relies on paper administration but the client wanted to utilize tech for key aspects like creating accounts and investment transactions. The platform supported internal processes and also integrated with essential business tools to provide a seamless process.

Strategy & Approach

Research, Discuss, and Design

We worked on design, development, and communications with a cross functional team of software architects to define a digital strategy that would affirm a powerfully diverse set of investment capabilities.

We designed a user-friendly interface for customers to open investment accounts. We developed a series of mobile, scalable web applications to manage accounts, explore resources, and enable compliance initiatives. In an era of digital investing, our project aimed to deliver a seamless investing experience for this space.

A multi-faceted strategy requires a lot of moving parts, we worked on:

  • Digital strategy
  • Front-end web app design and development
  • Digital & Print Advertising
  • Communications, messaging, and product launch
  • Event spaces
  • Business development initiatives

Key Insight

Growth at Scale

Platform scalability enabled institutional clients to white label merchant transactions, extending business services out to institutional partners and their customers.

Unifying the brand


Seamless Self-directed Investments for the Modern Age

By the end of a nearly 2-year long campaign, we initiated over $11 billion in assets under custody, the company underwent a subsequent evaluation and was acquired.

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