Cybersecurity For Financial Institutions

Financial institutions, especially multi-billion dollar banks and financial services require a heavy layer of security for internal and external systems.

The marketplace for security services is competitive, with new and established companies looking for proven architectures to protect their systems.

Colleagues on a large tech project created a new security kit. We explore ways to reposition a turn-key product for ASP Security Kit, with customer-facing branding that is appealing to the target market.

Key Insight

About Zero Trust Security: Never Trust, Always Verify

Zero trust authentication and authorization pipelines can acheive bank-grade and government-grade security needed to protect internal systems. Zero trust security models enable fine-grained authorization control, for things like, event logging and reporting, adaptive access that flags unusual activity, and session management. A zero trust environment eliminates the concept of trust when automating identity processes at scale.

Strategy & Approach

Removing the Complexity Of Zero Trust Security Infrastructure

The customer-facing website was very technical and difficult for someone who was not an engineer to understand. We designed a customer-facing environment that would speak to industry leaders in the financial space in a way that would help them easily understand how ASP Security Kit could streamline security, access management, and compliance.

Core capabilities come into focus:

  • Modernize infrastructure for a workforce identity
  • Secure access onsite and in remote operations environments
  • Meets data sovereignty and regulatory requirements in breach avoidance
  • Reduces IT Friction by minimizing disruptions and improving stability on complex IT projects
  • Roll out user-to-application segmentation on a federated identity management system

Key Insight

Bringing Core Capabilities To The Front

We seperated the individual capabilities ASP Security Kit offers from a customer-facing standpoint. For example, instead of saying "deprovisioning", it made more sense to call this capability "access managment" so customers would understand immeadiately the problem this particular capability aimed to solve. Technical terms and concepts can make a product difficult to understand, so we found a better way to communicate what the product does in a more customer-orientated way.


A Modern Approach To Complex Systems

The new website brings core capabilities to the front: a modern infrastructure that protects employees, contractors, and partners with secure onsite and offsite remote access in the cloud. The web app includes technical resources managers can send to their teams and chief architects which communicate to developers how to rapidly build comprehensive authentication and authorization pipelines.

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