Sample Cases

Design, Distribution, & Web Applications

Client: A project with the Wollstonecraft Institute.

Challenges: The Wollstonecraft Institute wanted to move in the direction of article curation on a platform flexible enough to move into a publication application.

Our approach: Under a new brand, we created a visually appealing design that enabled readers to easily navigate through curated and published content optimized for digital format.

Design & Web Applications

Client: A project with Dr. Steve Spears, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management.

Challenges: See To Solve was entering a market that is highly competitive.

Our approach: We rebranded See To Solve with a modern look, crafted diagrams of the product interface, and launched them on a brand new website.

Market Analysis, Design, Web Applications, & Expansion Support

Client: A custodial trust company seeking growth in anticipation of an acquistion.

Challenges: The firm wanted to expand its customer-base in the U.S. investment market, and increase competitive edge in anticipation of acquisition.

Our approach: A cross functional team built a payments system for digital asset custody. We led product launch initiatives, designed and developed customer-facing front-end, and built strategic partnerships for technology integration and customer acquistion resulting in excess of $11 billion in assets under custody.

Research, Design, & Development Architecture

Client: A research project with Dr. Konstantin Mikityuk, Senior Scientist, Advanced Nuclear Systems, Paul Scherrer Institute.

Challenges: A large portion of academic work never gets published, not because it isn't useful but because academic publishing is highly competitive, and the market focuses on peer reviewed works.

Our approach: We designed a way for academic researchers to tie correlated bodies of work together, such as notes and lectures. As relevant bodies of work go unpublished, our design supports publishing bodies of work as research progresses.

Strategic Mapping, Process Improvement, & Web Applications

Client: An oilfield supply company in the Permian Basin.

Challenges: Supply chain in the oilfield is time sensitive, highly dependent on administrative processes, compliance, and transportation efficiency. Customer acquisition is competitive, and mistakes are costly.

Our approach: We proceduralized internal administrative processes to fuel compliance and capital loss prevention measures. We built an application interface with microsoft products to track and automate processes. The application helped fueled consistent compliance measures for oilfield operations and transportation of materials to the oilfield.

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