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Connected by design.

Invested Media specializes in branding, advertising, digital marketing, and amplification. We work on the principle that the right question is usually more important than the right answer to the wrong question. This principle has always enabled us to excel in our disciplines for new companies or established companies in need of change and transformation.

We offer tactical marketing implementation in-house, but if needed, we have a huge network of talented people we can take in on short notice.

Our Motto

You’re an innovator. An entrepreneur. Some people call you a risk-taker.

We’ve worked with company-creators and business-engineers long enough to know that what others call “risk” is in truth boldness, confidence, calculation, strategy, measurement, and analysis. We think there is a lot more “risk” involved in doing the same old thing for no good reason, or thinking the same old way because it’s comfortable – than there is in shifting perspective, re-checking the math, or occasionally trying something completely different. It’s not just the product or service people buy, but also the experience your brand delivers.

A relentless focus on the customer is the driving force behind everything we do. Our digital solutions enable us to tell our client’s stories and define connected experiences that drive engagement, build loyalty, acquire new customers and increase profitability. We believe that experiences create impactful impressions, and we use this precedence to drive real business results.

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Our Mantra

Our skills and disciplines are in constant evolution, but there are a few principles that we affirm have always held true. These principles guide us and prevent us from drifting away from the core beliefs that brought us here in the first place. These beliefs bring our passion for human connection to life, they fuel our creative side and sustain our momentum. We believe that in order to do, you must first understand.

Our job is to bring the dead facts to life.

Advertising isn’t a science. It’s a persuasion.

Good design isn’t just seen, it’s felt.

Listen to your customers, not your competitors.

Strategy is deciding between what you can do & what you should do.

Social media is a matrix of sociology, psychology, and technology.

We don’t think outside the box. We’ve just never known the box existed.

The most skilled sailors are seldom created by smooth seas.

If content is King, implementation is Emperor.

Content builds familiarity and trust. Trust drives revenue.

Marketing and innovation fuel the money-making branch of a company.

Stories aren’t shaped by people, people are shaped by stories.

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