11 Great Apps To Relax, Unwind Or Pass The Time

by Erin Holmes | January 2, 2019

Financial professionals are constantly on the move, and for many, downtime isn't easy to attain. Whether you have a long transit or are trying to unwind after a long day- we've compiled a list of 11 great apps to relax, unwind, or pass the time with.

1. Ananda

iTunes: $2.00

Ananda describes themselves as “your personal sound sanctuary”. They offer a soothing background for multiple activities, including relaxation, meditation, and focus.

The app creates a custom blend of sounds each time it is used. It also lets you tailor the soundtrack to your preferences: control background noise, adjust the volume of each track for individual sounds, and add new sounds.

Here is a short sample featuring binaural beats, rain sounds, and monk chants.

2. Aura

iTunes: Free
Android: Free

Aura offers 3-minute meditation sessions that can be customized to your mood. Track your emotions and mindfulness to help the app create an AI-driven meditation program suited to your needs.

Set reminders throughout the day for mindfulness, and record small things you're grateful for. For those who appreciate gamification, Aura enables you to challenge yourself by leveling up as you learn.

3. Spotify

iTunes: Free
Android: Free

Spotify is a great way to listen to music on mobile or tablet. Search for any track, artist or album, or browse by genre and moods. Make and share playlists while you build your collection, and view what your friends are listening to in real-time. Spotify creates ready-made playlists based on your music preferences that update daily and weekly.

Spotify premium offers the ability to skip ads and disable the shuffle mode on mobile devices. Build yourself a music library to download and listen to offline.

4. Worry Watch

iTunes: $2.99

Worry Watch gives you a platform for staying grounded. It logs the triggers in life that cause worry and stress by enabling you to categorize them. The app checks in later to see if the outcome turned out to be as dire as you anticipated. It also keeps track of the parts of your life causing the most worry.

The idea is that once you have data-backed insights into your concerns, you’ll find it easier to stay calm and maintain perspective. Worry Watch is more about deciphering and staying in front of the things that throw you off your game.

5. 10% Happier

iTunes: Free

10% Happier is the meditation app designed for skeptics, built to help keep the focus going. It offers a clear, simple approach to meditation designed by some of the most respected (and cool) meditation teachers on the planet. 10% Happier is more of a mind training app, built to teach as you apply what you learn.

This app provides offline use and free access to a real-life coach.


6. Sky Guide

iTunes: $2.99

Sky Guide provides an interactive experience with a beautiful user interface. Hold your mobile or tablet up to the sky for the app to automatically align itself to constellations, planets, and satellites.

Voyage to the past or future with cinematic time controls, and see what the sky looked like the moment you were born. Wherever you may be geographically, Sky Guide enables you to see your place in the world at any moment in time.



7. Momento

iTunes: Free

Momento takes an automated approach to daily journaling and enables you to keep a daily log of activities. Although, this may not be the place you can express your deepest thoughts Momento offers the ability to do that. Momento is a smart private journal that stays up to date effortlessly, enabling you to capture and collect moments to explore, relive and share.

You can use Momento to jot down experiences, events, activities, places you visit and people you meet. Some pro features, including an app lock and extra social network features, require in-app purchases.


8. Quartz

iTunes: Free
Android: Free

Quartz curates news from all around the Internet, including major publishers like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Recode, the New York Times, WIRED, and Reuters. App users can personalize news feeds with categories such as, technology, finance, business, and politics, as well as follow other users. Quartz offers a social media aspect enabling users to talk about the news, and offers expert commentary across industries.


9. Pacifica

iTunes: Free
Android: Free

Pacifica is ideal if you’re looking for a holistic health tool. It lets you monitor your mood throughout the day, label and correct negativity, record goals, and track your caffeine intake, sleep patterns, and exercise habits.

The app comes loaded with relaxation exercises as well, from guided meditations and breathing sessions to progressive muscle relaxation and more. Pacifica gives you psychologist-designed tools to address them based on cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.


10. Paper by Fifty One

iTunes: Free

When inspiration happens, put it on, Paper. Paper offers a great way to elegantly capture your sketches and doodles. Paper organizes your drawings on a grid-like wall of sticky notes for everything that inspires you. You can use any stylus, although they do offer a stylus of their own. Paper has capabilities far beyond doodling, it also provides a space to sketch diagrams and mind-maps. We use Paper to brainstorm from time-to-time.


11. Day One

iTunes: Free

Day One offers a host of features that are useful for documenting milestones and events: cloud-based back up and syncing, IFTTT support, private-key encryption, and markdown compatibility. Metadata automatically records the date, time, location and weather data. Day One supports photos, maps and more, and organizes them into one sleek user-interface that works on multiple devices.



Erin Holmes

Head of Product, Invested Media

Erin is a partner at Invested Media, and manages product on the client-side. She wears many hats on the development, content, and marketing end, and leads teams through tactical plan implementation. A handful of the biggest companies in Fintech use her work.

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